Kuwait University

Kuwait City, Kuwait

Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture

As a member of a team of 12 designers, we developed a design for Kuwait University’s Master Plan as part of a 2009 design competition. The forms of the main buildings were designed with an inward slope to minimize direct heat gain of the walls, with each slope optimized through heat mapping models. Furthermore, the main massings were designed to utilize a solid roof canopy. While the environmental efficiency drove the primary form of the architecture, it gave the design an iconic, stealth-like look. A pattern of skylights were generated using the solar mapping models and a Rhino Grasshopper code. The courtyard was developed by extending the geometry of the buildings on either side into the open space. This geometrical overlap created a unique grid pattern. Within this grid, surfaces were modified and elevations were manipulated to delineate the unique pattern. On the north end of the site, the requested performance hall grew out of the courtyard. On the south end of the courtyard, we placed the iconic campus mosque.

Environmentally-Driven Form

Beautiful Design



Team Members