I was a part of Retro Systems for over six years, and through that time I shaped nearly every aspect of the company’s marketing. When I began at the CNC cutting machine manufacturer, the company only had its core products and had many out of date marketing practices. By the time I left, the company had the marketing and brand that matched the quality of the business’s products.


The Challenge

The founder of Retro Systems took their idea of their brand from the local Valley Center High School – the purple and gold Valley Center Hornets. In addition to borrowing the purple, Retro Systems named their products ‘Hornets.’ When I began working with Retro Systems, the company was struggling with color consistency and was still using the same stock logo the high school was using, which looked more like a high school logo than a company’s logo.

The Solution

One of my first major projects at Retro Systems was to develop new brand standards that utilized a consistent purple and complimentary colors. Soon after that, I designed a new ‘hornet’ logo. The new ‘hornet’ began to be featured on products, attire, brochures, and anywhere else. It was soon synonymous with Retro Systems within the industrial cutting machine industry.


As part of a marketing campaign at Retro Systems, I produced a handful of videos to showcase our product line. To justify the cost, we integrated the videos into various marketing and advertising streams including social media, trade shows, website, and sales presentations. The videos were a tremendous success.

Branded Environments

Retro Systems acquired the vacant building next door to its manufacturing facility to add a new company training center. After discussing how the new facility could enhance customer visits, the program was modified to include a sales gallery and additional offices. The new Retro Systems Sales & Training Center was designed to reflect Retro Systems brand standards and featured a prominent purple accent wall and industry related artwork. Despite a very limited budget, the project was a tremendous success that improved the company’s close rate 46% when potential customers visited the facility.

Sales Center Artwork

Simplified representations of different parts of the machines were created as pieces of art to decorate the new sales and training center. The colors and content were consistent with the company’s brand and made interesting conversation pieces with many users.

Web Design

I led a team of SEO experts, a graphic designer, and other support staff to develop a new SEO-optimized website at Retro Systems. The new site was consistently on the front page for relevant Google organic search terms and increased online leads 50%.

The site synced with social media and email marketing campaigns to maximize inbound marketing techniques.